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Dear colleagues!

I wrote first version of the ZooBase several years ago for myself and for my friends and initially had no plan to distribute it among other specialists. Then my colleagues told me, that ZooBase is really good program, and it should be useful also to other zoologists. Unfortunately this project was not supported by any grants, so I'm sorry to say, that this new version is not freeware.

You can download ZooBase and use it during evaluation period. It comes with very small demo database (on Ascidiacea- just like an example), so you can see how ZooBase works and decide if you would like to purchase fully functional version to create your own database on taxon you study. After registration you will receive password and registration info.

Registered ZooBase allow you to create your own database on taxonomic group you study. Database is compatible with Microsoft Access format.

Copyright © 2000 - 2003, Karen Sanamyan.