Lithops Software

After validating is complete, HTML Link Validator shows:

1. A list of all found HTML files (files with errors are marked by red circle )
2. A list of all links found in the selected file.

Each link has a "status" field which may have the following values:

For all links:

OK - No errors
untested - The link was not tested (this version cannot test such links as mailto:, and if user turns off "validate remote links" option, all remote links will be marked as untested)

For local links:

File missing - The link to a file what is absent in proper location.
File found, but internal link is absent - Example: link "index.htm#xxx", while file index.htm contains no "#xxx" label.
Case error - Example: link src="image.gif", while actual filename is "image.GIF"

There are also some other error messages for SSI directives.

For remote links:

Error: and detailed description of an error (like "The attempt to connect to the server failed" or "The server name could not be resolved or program is offline") or server response (like "resource not found") etc.

3. To see and edit source simply click on the link in the list. Push "save file" or "save as" buttons if you wish to save changes. Link Validator screen should looks like the following:

HTML Link Validator - a tool for checking site for broken links