Lithops Software

HTML Link Validator can generate several report types.

The report can be in plain text format or the report can be saved as MS Access database table.

To generate report click one of the "Report" buttons.

The following reports are currently available:

  • Broken Links Report - Only bad files and broken links are listed. Each broken link has a "status" - the reason why the link was labelled as broken ("file not found, etc.")

  • Full Report - This is a list of all checked files and all links in each file. As and the previous report, each link has a status explaining why the link was labelled as broken.

  • List of Checked Files Report - Just a list of checked files. This report type is usefull when you would like to create a list of all html documents on your website.

  • List of Redirected Links Report - Just a list of all links that were redirected to another location by the server.

  • MS Access Report - This report is available in Pro version only. It allow you to save all information about all validated files and all links as MS Access database. Before this report can be generated, HTML Link Validator asks usef for the database name and table name to which the report should be saved.
Unregistered version cannot generate reports - it can show only a sample report.
HTML Link Validator - "Personal" license can generate only "Full Report".
HTML Link Validator - "Business" license can generate all above listed reports excepting only "MS Access report"
HTML Link Validator - "Business Pro" license can generate all reports. Only this version can work with MS Access databases.