Lithops Software

How to validate files on your local computer

If files are on your local computer:

Select "Validate HTML files on local computer" (as on screenshot below).

On the left plane of the main window you see drive/folder/file selector, just like Windows Explorer.

To validate HTML files in any folder simply double-click it. HTML Link Validator will create a list of all HTML files from this folder and all subfolders and then checks them for errors. (For example, if you double-click on your hard drive, Validator will search for ALL HTML documents on your disk).

To validate only one HTML file double-click it.

Link Validator also can validate internet shortcuts on your computer and also Internet Explorer Favorites and Netscape Navigator Favorites.

To validate internet shortcuts

Select "Validate internet shortcuts"

On the left plane of the Link Validator window double-click a folder with shorcuts. Validator will display a list of all found shorcuts and marks broken ones.

To validate IE Favorites or Netscape Navigator Favorites

First, select in options the browser for which you would like to validate favorites (Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator).
Then click button "Validate links in favorites".