Lithops Software

Command Line Usage

You can run HTML Link Validator from a command line.

Note: the command line is supported by the Pro version only.
Please, email us if you need more functionality in command line mode and we will try to implement additional commands in next versions of HTML Link Validator.

The format of the command line: "folder or URL" -Mode -Report

   "folder or URL": Filename or a folder containing html files to validate (full path) for local files, or starting url for server files.

   -Mode : can be -L (Local mode) or -R (Remote mode).

   -L Local mode (validated files are on local computer or network)

      In local mode you can set additional options:
      f   validate one folder)
      s   validate folder and all subfolders)
      c   follow links and validate linked files (first parameter should be filename)

     Example: hlv.exe "C:\Document\HTML" -Ls

   -R Remote mode (http:// etc.)

      In remote mode you can set additional options:

      a   Scan whole site
      b   Validate list of files (not implemented in this version)

     Example: hlv.exe "" -Ra

If not specified, Validator will use default settings read from the registry (i.e. settings used in the previous program execution)


To auto-generate report use -Tnumber (for txt) or -Hnumber (for html) report.
The number may be 1,2,3,4 or 5, the meaning explained below. If not specified the default value is used.
     -T txt report
     -H html report
      1 Full Report
      2 Bad Links Report
      3 Redirected Links Report
      4 List of External Links Report
      5 List of Checked Files in txt mode or Custom Report in HTML mode

     Example: Scan whole site and generate txt report (bad links only):
     hlv.exe "" -Ra -T2

The reports are generated in the folders specified in Options/Reports.
If you do not need to open report in notepad or browser uncheck "Open Report after generating" option (in Options/Reports).