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TDirectoryTreeView and TFileListView
TDirectoryTreeView and TFileListView
components for C++Builder 5 and 6

Components for CBuilder for creating drive/folder/file selector like Windows Explorer.

represents a TreeView control that is aware of the drives and directory structure like Windows 9x explorer. It shows regular folders and special folders (like Desktop folder, My Computer, Printers, etc.). You may consider to use TDirectoryTreeView instead of outdated TDirectoryListBox.

is a specialized list view that lists all the files in a specified directory and the list automatically refreshes on any changes in this directory. Use TFileListView along with TDirectoryTreeView and standard TFilterComboBox to add full file selection capabilities to a form.

Included documentation explains how to add full Drag and Drop support for your application. You will be able to drag-drop files and folders from your application to Explorer, Desktop, etc., and to your application from Explorer. Download sample application to see how drag and drop it works with File/Directory components.

Key features of TFileListView :

  • The files in TFileListView are listed along with corresponding icons. All view styles (Report, Icon, SmallIcon, List) are supported.
  • The items are sorted automatically in A->Z or Z->A order if the user clicks on any header. TFileListView automatically determines how the items should be sorted, as letters or as numbers. Items will be sorted correctly (unlike Windows Explorer), even if filenames contain mixture of letters and numbers. For example, Windows Explorer will sort these files in a following order: d1.txt, d10.txt, d2.txt, d3.txt, while TFileListView will sort the same files correctly: d1.txt, d2.txt, d3.txt, d10.txt.
  • Whenever a file is created or deleted or file name of any file is changed in the current directory, the TFileListView automatically refreshes the file list.
  • User can specify the special files to show in addition to all normal files simply by setting appropriate properties to true or false. For example, to show folders just set ShowFolders = true;
  • Now TFileListView supports Windows XP themes. If you use Windows XP themes and native CBuilder's TListView, it generates access violation in vsReport style - the VCL wrapper has a bug and usually it is necessary to patch sources. TFileListView contains a code to handle this bug and you can safely use TFileListView with Windows XP themes, it is not necessary to patch any VCL files.

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Demonstrates key features and drag-drop support

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Current Version: 3.5

This is a screenshot of TDirectoryTreeView (left) and TFileListView (right):

File and Directory components for CBuilder